Free Calls to US and UK by uVOIPit

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VoIP Calls to US and UK

Our favorite provider, uVOIPit, is giving free calls to US and UK Landline this Holiday season. uVOIPit is a relatively new provider but they have very good prices to 100s of countries. Because it is Christmas time and New Years, uVOIPit is giving free calls to United States and UK. This is a good offer for all of us.

We thank providers like uVOIPit for caring. No one wants to spend alot of money to call home. We require services that give the cheapest possible calls. uVOIPit does this effectively. Also this offer will last from Dec 20, to Jan 1, 2011. So you get to enjoy the New Year with your friends and family for free!

It is also open to existing and new customers as well. Most providers only give offers for new customers. They do not care about existing customers at all, which is very bad. uVOIPit wants everyone to have an equal chance at calling…

We give uVOIPit another thumbs up!

Originally posted 2010-12-20 23:42:12.

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