Five Business VoIP Providers that Can Save Businesses Money

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Traditional phone systems are becoming increasingly less suitable for business purposes. VoIP providers offer an excellent alternative, as they in most cases cost less, are easier to install and to use in a corporate setting, and include features that route calls automatically. These providers, therefore, can assist in the administration of small businesses by eliminating some of the stresses that are not a necessary part of the business operation such as high phone bills and extensive maintenance of the telephonic system.

Small business ownership almost always involves the responsibility to carefully keep costs to a minimum. A VoIP provider allows businesses to do this while at the same time providing reliable phone services with all the features necessary for effective business communication. Generally, a low monthly rate is agreed upon at the beginning of the relationship between the business and the VoIP provider. This monthly payment includes unlimited domestic calling.
All possible costs, then, are included within that monthly rate with the possible exception of international calls. Even these are significantly less expensive with a VoIP provider than with any other telephonic service provider even to the point where at least a specified number of international minutes are free. Also, more countries tend to be available for free calling than the calling plans with other service providers. Therefore, finding a company who offers the best international rates—and the most options for free international calling therein—is extremely important for any business that depends upon international correspondence. A call to Japan including the regulatory roaming fees with AT&T costs approximately $2.29 per minute. With Vonage Business Solutions, however, calls to Japan can be unlimited for less than ten extra dollars per month atop of the regular monthly rate, and this plan covers not only Japan but also the entire world. Hence, unlimited global and domestic calling together can be less than $40 per month.

VoIP, in its origins, was designed for office settings. Therefore, the features and organization therein in addition to the aforementioned monetary savings make it an ideal system for small businesses. Almost all VoIP providers include PBX to automatically route calls without the $1,500 equipment and the necessity of a technician whose services can cost up to $100 per hour that are generally associated with PBX. Because the VoIP provider hosts its own PBX, there are often no extra costs associated with this service; it may be automatically part of the monthly service rate agreed upon.
Most business VoIP providers include a feature enabling the reception of incoming calls at different any location on any number of different phones including personal cell phones. Another feature creates access for voicemails to be received via email without making a phone call; this can be accomplished in any location with an active Internet connection.

In most cases, VoIP connection requires only Ethernet cables connected to a router. As such, there is no installation cost involved, once again creating a significantly lower cost than that of traditional telephonic service providers. Again, the agreed upon monthly fee includes the cost of all services except for international communication when required.

If all of this sounds great but inaccessible because your business already has its phone system established, there is still a way to take advantage of the minimized cost and maximized efficacy of your business’s communication. SIP trunking utilizes the same technology described above but replaces the traditional analog phone line with VoIP within your existing system. The trunks are significantly less expensive than the analog phone lines and includes all the features described above, and after the instillation of the trunks, the cost will never be more than the initially agreed upon monthly rate just as is the case with businesses who establish their telephonic system initially as a VoIP.

Regardless of the current phone system in use, a VoIP system is an excellent choice for small businesses to save money and conduct all their communication efficiently. Following is an analysis of five cheap VoIP providers and their benefits to help you determine which is the best fit for your business’s needs and operational goals.

Vonage Business Solution

Small business VoIP phone systems with Vonage Business Solutions include IP phones for less than $100, a flat rate for PBX hosting, and unlimited local and long-distance calling. No installation fees, equipment fees outside of any phones necessary, or contracts are involved with cost of VoIP services with Vonage. The monthly rate can be as low as $19.99. Vonage continually makes a practice of improving and increasing the number of features available for business purposes. In addition to those aforementioned regarding all major business VoIP providers, Virtual Receptionist, multiple Smartphone apps and many other business-focused features are currently available and will continue to become available to help make offices as productive as possible.


PBX services with RingCentral are all cloud-based eliminating more cost. Like Vonage, local and long-distance calling is unlimited; text messaging is also unlimited. RingCentral offers a free trial for the first thirty days of service for small business customers. Their monthly rate can be as low as $19.99. RingCentral offers immediate activation of their services with simple setup and no hardware necessary to make use of their services. They also offer a free personal demo online so that small business owners may experience the services and features prior to purchase.


Jive, like the other major VoIP providers go to great lengths to avoid any costs beyond the small monthly charges. All U.S. calling is unlimited, and international rates are exceedingly reasonable. There is no limit on the amount of extension numbers available for businesses. Monthly rates with Jive can be as low as $19.95.They pride themselves in their outstanding customer service. They have agents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their extra features include an assurance that lines will never ring busy. Online fax and call transfers are also available as part of their regular plan at no extra cost.

Broad Voice

Like Ring-Central, PBX service is cloud-operated. Installation is completely free. A free mobile app helps make the most of their services, and the monthly price is potentially as low as only $17.5.

8×8, Inc.

8×8 is available in ten different countries including the U.S. The software and app are free. 8×8 was honored with the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Market Share Leadership Award in 2012. They advertise as the only VoIP provider to provide both text messaging and web conferencing. Their services are available in plans as low as $19.99 per month.

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