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FiCall Review

FICall is yet another VoIP service but with a few extra features. They offer Video Calls and SMS through there PC and Mac application.

FiCall, a London based voip service offering free voip, free phone calls, sms, free video calls, chat, online tv. Ficall is one such service which offers a lot of things, you will definitely find something useful for you.

FiCall is located in London and offers free phone calls, SMS, chat, free TV, and much more. There are alot of features that they offer so something will suit your taste. They are currently offer $1.00 free credit to let new customers test. There rates to many countries are outrageously high, for example India is 3 Cents/Min and Bangladesh is even more. Pakistan is very high as well.

You can get much cheaper providers like uVOIPit and Rebtel these days. You can use FiCall from your mobile or landline phone, iPhone, Android phone, Nokia, and PC. There are many ways to use the service which really gives it a good boost.

FiCall Review

Overall FiCall is a okay service but there are much better services. VoIP is for International Calls. If VoIP providers cannot give that service than there is no point. uVOIPit, Rebtel, Localphone give really cheap calls for all customers to enjoy.

We recommend to use uVOIPit or Rebtel.

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