Facebook Home: The Newest Market Hit in Mobile VoIP

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Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times a day on their mobile devices, and that number is about to get a lot higher. What was once a simple app in the corner of a smartphone screen is now taking over the entire phone.

Facebook Home, the integrated app introduced in the Android HTC, works as the user home page of the phone. Users will get constant Facebook updates from their newsfeed on their phone, and can contact Facebook friends directly. Facebook Home makes it easy to communicate with with friends directly through the Facebook Friends List. Facebook Home is catered to Facebook communication, which is leading to some interesting changes in how we think of cellphone communications.

What makes Facebook Home really exciting is in the alternatives it presents to traditional phone service. For instance, Facebook Home users can message their friends using Facebook chat instead of using an SMS plan, and users can use Facebook Messenger to make free phone calls instead of using up phone minutes.

To use Facebook Messenger, users locate their Facebook friend and select the Messenger option to begin a free Internet call (also called a VoIP call).

VoIP calling is the cheapest method of phone calling. For its first twenty-odd years of availability, VoIP technology stayed largely in the home and office, but these days mobile VoIP capabilities are more in demand than ever in the US and around the world. In some countries like Japan, 68% of the population use a mobile VoIP apps on their smartphone.

The fact is traditional mobile phone service is still expensive. Depending on the provider and the cell phone plan, many telecoms charge anywhere from $70 to $90/month per user for cell phone service. VoIP technology runs anywhere from free to less than $10/month per user.

All that a user needs in order to use free VoIP technology with Facebook Home is an Internet connection.

Facebook Home makes it extremely intuitive to use VoIP technology. Facebook Home has the flash and dazzle to make VoIP technology new and fun, nevermind the fact that VoIP has been around since 1995.

And Facebook Home is just the beginning, really, of the next wave of companies that will integrate VoIP technology. Smartphone users and VoIP industry insiders already more than “like” Facebook Home, and the direction that Facebook is going with VoIP technology. VoIP calling with Facebook Home is free, it’s easy, it’s flashy, and it’s only another step towards a more universal free calling world.

Jennifer Cuellar is a technology writer based out of San Diego, California. She covers the latest news about VoIP, smartphones, and IP solutions.

Originally posted 2013-04-29 10:33:56.

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