Editors Choice Award For October: Telzy.Com

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Telzy.com has responded to overwhelming public demand for cheap international calling to over 180 countries worldwide, and earned the Editor’s Choice Award for October from CheapestVoIPCalls.net  for exceptional customer service, rock-bottom prices, and feature-loaded calling plans.
About Telzy.com
Telzy is a prepaid international calling service that has decided to put the customer first. Although it’s unusual in todays digitally automated, hidden-fee filled world, Telzy has broken the mold by offering simple and comprehensive international calling with zero hidden fees. This is exactly why CheapestVoIPCalls.net  has chosen to award Telzy with its Editors Choice Award. Telzy focuses on providing not just international calling for low rates, but providing connections between friends and family no matter how far apart they are. They focus on the ability of loved ones to connect as easily and affordably as possible through mobile phones, home phones, land-lines, mobile apps and all backed by 24/7 live customer care.
International Calling Made Cheap and Easy
Telzy can save customers up to 98% on international calls to virtually any country worldwide. Their international calling rates are at once hard to believe and impossible to beat. Call over 200 countries anytime from anywhere in the world with select rates starting at less than two cents a minute. Telzy has no hidden fees, surcharges, or connection fees; you only pay for the minutes you use. To use Telzy, all you have to do is sign up, pick an access number, fund your account, and make calls to whomever you want, anywhere in the world. Its simple and it can be done using any landline, smartphone, or Internet -enabled device.
Telzy Goes Above and Beyond
Telzy is a premium international calling service at a bargain price. They provide premium voice quality with fewer dropped calls than anyone in the industry, but that’s not all. Telzy also offers a proprietary Telzy smartphone app that is fully integrated with your phone and Telzy account. Keep favorite phone numbers in your app-log and make calls with just one touch in the app. Customers can also check their balance and keep track of their Telzy Talk Points. Recharge your account on Android devices or through the Telzy website or mobile site.

Telzy Reward Points
What are Telzy Talk Points? They are points earned through the Telzy Rewards Program that can be exchanged for absolutely free international calling. Just calling family around the globe, or simply referring friends to Telzy can earn Talk Points. Because Telzy focuses on the connections of loved ones, they have made their minutes 100% sharable. Customers can transfer their minutes to another account with no fee (No excuses not to call Mom when she just shared 60 minutes with you.)

Telzy is Easy to Use and Versatile
It doesn’t matter how far apart loved ones have travelled, because Telzy can connect people wherever they are. They have made it easier than ever to call internationally. Use a home phone, cell phone, app, or any other phone to make the calls that matter to you. All of this can be done with no confusion and no hidden costs. Because Telzy recognizes many users may be from countries outside the US, they also offer multi-lingual customer service 24/7 to accommodate different time zones and languages. There are no connection fees, and crystal clear calls, every time. CheapestVoIPCalls.net is proud to present Telzy.com with the October Editors Choice Award. To learn more about Telzy products and services visit their website here

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