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Direct Dial is a wonderful feature to take part in. Big name providers like Rebtel and Localphone have this service. Direct Dial is where you are given a local number in your area that routes to a international destination anywhere. VoIP has evolved in many ways since the past few years. Before we never thought of making calls directly. This feature general idea is that you are able to save a local number on your mobile and can dial anytime, anywhere. It is easy fast and quick!

uVOIPit, now has launched there newest feature, Direct Dial. Now you can get three personal numbers redirected to any destination in the world. Save the number on your phone and call immediately any time. The best thing about this is that there is no need for pin numbers, or access numbers. It is like calling your next door neighbor. Quick and easy!

uVOIPit Direct Dial Tutorial

We will give a quick rundown on how to setup Direct Dial so you can call. It is really simple but sometimes the simplest of things can be complicated. This tutorial assumes that you have a account with them and call credit to make calls.

1. Login to your account – use your uVOIPit credentials to login.

2. Go to Direct Dial feature and you will see the below area:

Direct Dial with uVOIPit

3. Click on ADD CONTACT. This will make a section occur where you can add your name and destination number in two boxes. Enter your loved ones contact information.

Set Up Name and Number

4. Click ADD and you will be given a Local Number in the table. Dial this local number and you will be automatically connected. That’s it!

That is how simple and fast it is to setup a direct dial number. Now this service is only available to US customers because you will be given a US phone number. We heard that they are slowly going to add other countries. For now, US customers and maybe Canada can enjoy calling family far away quickly. uVOIPit is becoming a giant in the Telecom industry and we recommend it to everyone.

Check them out at uVOIPit.

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