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Blocking VoIP is an unnecessary action if consumers are using it to make calls to loved ones worldwide. The reason countries are block VoIP is because they are afraid that their government telecom companies will lose revenue. One issue that countries have not understood is that, if consumers pay more for international calls then they will have less money to invest in other areas of commerce. If consumers are allowed to make cheaper calls then that allows them to spend the savings elsewhere.

PSTN is old technology that is no longer relevant in today’s economy. Features that are free with VoIP cost money with PSTN. “The average household has a phone bill in excess of $60 each month with the majority of them not using the most efficient “packages” available from their phone company. Phone bills are littered with taxes and surcharges and extra features such as call waiting, caller ID and call forwarding all add additional charges to your bill. This is where VoIP is much more efficient” (, 2009). Governments need to understand that if consumers are allowed to make their own decisions then they will benefit the government by investing elsewhere.

For example, the chart in Figure 1 clearly shows the price difference of VoIP verses traditional government services.

Price for VOIPFigure 1 – Price Comparison (

Once again this can be evaluated with act utilitarianism from theories of government. Saving money for an individual will produce happiness. The individual will have more money to invest in other aspects of the government. It is a circle of cash flow that will benefit the individual and others. Governments strive on their economy, which is driven by the people. People want VoIP because, one, it is reliable, and two, it is cheap. VoIP harms only government-controlled companies, which is not a valid excuse for the full ban of VoIP. Countries such as UAE, China, and others need to realize the issue of globalization via VoIP.

VoIP always benefits the customer. It can save a person over $40 per month if they are able to choose the right provider. Choosing the best VoIP provider is difficult but that is why we are here to help you understand the pros and cons of them. Read the tutorials and decide on which is best!

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