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Connect2PK Free Local Access Number Calls

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Free VOIP Phone calls to Pakistan

Pakistan is an expensive VOIP country. Providers are trying to lower costs to give the cheapest VOIP calls. Connect2PK is a service that allows for free phone calls from your contacts in Pakistan to you.

Connect2PK gives people in Pakistan a free way to reach you around the world. The process is simple, when signing up, you provide a Pakistan phone number then they give you a number that will be redirect directly to your computer SIP softphone. This means for a local phone call from Pakistan can be turned into a international call. This will allow your friends and family to reach you for a local cost. If your contacts in India want to contact you for free than Connect2PK is the best solution. Follow these steps to successfully receive free VOIP phone calls:

  1. Register with Connect2PK. Provide the necessary information such as a Pakistan phone number.
  2. Download the SoftPhone client which is Xlite or Fring.
  3. Set up the client with your SIP settings.
  • Username:  connect2PK username
    Password:  connect2PK password

All the setup is done. Now tell your friends and family to call the number given to you. The call will be transferred to your computer and the calls are free. There is a limit of the free VOIP phone calls. During 4AM to 10AM you get 45 minutes of free calls and through the rest of the time its 15 minutes. So if you don’t talk to much then this is a great service. Also your contacts in Italy can call you on 5 access numbers which are:

  • 021-37016586 (Karachi)
  • 041-5529224 (Faisalabad)
  • 042-32008625 (Lahore)
  • 051-7185152 (Islamabad)

These numbers are local and should not cost much. Free VOIP phone calls to Pakistan is very easy nowadays. We hope to see even more offers coming out soon. But for now, try Connect2PK.

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