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Betamax Service

CheapVoIP is the newest of DellMont Sarl’s inventions. As you know over and over again, Betamax creates a new VoIP every single month. They have become very good at this profession. There newest service, CheapVoIP is the newest one to avail itself.

They are a Pay As You Go provider who want has 3 plans to choose from. In some ways there service is like Skype. There plans look like:

Unlimited country ($3.95/month)
Unlimited calls to any country on the list.

Unlimited Europe ($5.95/month)
Unlimited calls to over 20 European countries.

Unlimited world ($9.95/month)
Unlimited calls to over 40 countries worldwide. No India, Bangladesh, or Pakistan.

These plans look really good but like like all cheap VoIP services there are always things to worry about. Especially if you are looking for VoIP for small business then this is not for you as these plans are bound to change very quickly without any warning.

Seeing the past activities of Delmont Sarl, they are not very reliable in terms of customer service. If you have a question there is no way to help you answer that. So it is always best to just try it out with the most minimum payment and keep checking the rates before making a call so you are sure of what is going on.

If you need cheap international telephone calls then it is good to check out uVOIPit. But CheapVoIP does have cheap calls so you may try it.

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