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In this Free VoIP Calls Blog we have posted many information and idea to help our visitor or make free VoIP calls to the countries like India and Bangladesh including rest of the world too. This time we came up with a new VoIP service provider which offer cheapest way of making calls from Finland to Bangladesh and India. Using a Finnish VoIP called you can make cheap mobile calls directly from your mobile phones without paying up any extra amount of charges. But for this you suppose to do some trick and we will show you the way: There are lot’s of companies out there in Finnish marketing offering call packages having call minutes upto 500 to 1000 and so on, these service requires some sort of monthly payment fix by the providers.

Moreover, either you choose to buy any of these services or you can also choose more expensive service which gives your 3000 minutes of call package which offer by  Saunalahti offer is something like you need to purchase monthly service which usually rent upto 3 euro for 2 years but this service also includes 3000 minutes of free calls which is fully free without any extra rent. There are many mobile phone listed in this offer you can check out by visiting official website. But for your best and quick knowledge Nokia 3120 classic phone is also count in this package.

This offer will working like if you are paying 48 euro for purchasing mobile phone then will also get 3000 minutes of free talktime. Furthermore, you will also get two access numbers for mobile free VoIP calls. The access number is 0503107890 so calling with your mobile phone will charge you more.

Calling Cost for Bangladesh:

  • Pay 3.9 Euro cents per minute for calling to any Landline + Mobile

Calling Cost for India:

  • Play 1.9 Euro cents per minute for calling to any Landline + Mobile

If you wanted to call from Finland then you can credit upto 10 euro from local Internet banking system and over there you won’t even requires paying VAT/TAX.

Conclusion: This service is good for the callers of Finland wanted to call to Bangladesh and India. This is just a little idea from our side you can visit to their website in order to get more information.

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