Cheapest VOIP Calls to India by Pidipompi Review

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Call India for 1 Cent/Minute? Maybe not!

India’s calling rates are lowering by the day. Pidipompi, a cheap voip provider, is giving the cheapest voip calls to India at 1 cent/minute. This is a great offer by the outside but if you read the fine print, there are many issues. Pidipompi is a scam to steal people’s money. Lets review this VOIP service.

If you go to Pidipompi’s website you will see a big logo that says “Calls to India for 1 cent/minute”. After clicking it, it will show you all the rates and information. First you will need to add $10 to your account, with a $3.99 service charge. So this brings the total cost to $14.00. From the outside, $10 is 1 Cent/minute to India but they never counted the service charges. This is to trick those people who trust companies and don’t bother to read the TOS.

At $14.00, you only get $10 of talk time. So you are paying 1.4 cents per minute. See how Pidipompi tricks there customers into paying a general India rate. If this is the actually per minute charge, then provides like Rebtel, Localphone, and the best one, Lingo give the cheapest voip calls to India. Along with the rates, they also allow you to only keep the service for 60 days, after that you will lose your credit. You can see an excerpt right from there site will all this info:

The $ 9.99 plan of GLOBAL-DIAL has an administration cost of $ 3.99, on the balance of $ 6 you get the rate of 1 cent /min on Local Access. This is applicable on calls terminating on any mobile phone in India; i.e. you get an amazing 600 mins in just $ 9.99 on local access and 2ยข/min extra using toll free numbers.

The worst part is yet to come. You will be charge the highest rate possible from Pidipompi until you talk for $4 worth and bring your credit to $6. When you hit that threshold, you will be able to talk for 1 cent/minute. This is ridiculous! So this plan is not the cheapest plan it is the worst plan.

Pidipompi is a NOT recommended VOIP service if you want cheape voip calls to India. There are better alternatives and many are provide in this blog. Try Lingo, as it gives unlimited calls to India.

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