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If you own a small business, chances are you regularly need to use a fax machine. But in a lot of ways, fax machines are outdated technology, and you probably get pretty frustrated trying to get them to work sometimes.

The exciting news for you is that fax machines, like the rest of your telephone-based devices, can be arranged to work entirely over the Internet using VoIP technologies.

You don’t even need to keep your old fax machine for a VoIP fax system. Faxes can be sent with a good cheap VoIP fax system using your email, mobile phone, computer, or a VoIP faxing program.

You can still use your old fax machine with a VoIP fax system, but you don’t need to, so if you have been thinking about getting rid of your fax machine, now you can.

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How do VoIP fax systems work?

Your cheap VoIP fax system uses your Internet just like an old fax system uses a standard telephone number and line. Data is still sent more or less the same way. The only difference is that VoIP systems are digital, while the traditional system, based on the PSTN (public switched telephone network), is an analog system. This means that a VoIP provider sends your data using binary, while the PSTN sends data using electronic pulses.

It is much cheaper to send data using binary because binary can be sent over a farther distance without needing to stop at an intermediary location, while analog data needs to hop between many intermediate locations. Each stop that analog data makes costs you extra money. And that’s how a VoIP fax provider stays so consistently cheap: VoIP fax has lower overhead.
How do I use a VoIP fax system?

VoIP fax systems are very easy to use. Basically, you integrate paper documents into your online system either by scanning them onto your computer, or by using your current fax machine.

From there, you can send them in whatever format you prefer, using whichever program you like best. You can send them using your phone, email, or computer, and you can even sign them electronically.

How does a cheap VoIP fax system save you money?

Cheap VoIP fax systems save you money by simplifying faxing to a process that happens entirely over the Internet. This means that you no longer have to worry about maintenance and management of a cumbersome fax machine.

So you can eliminate the cost of paper, ink, and repairs from your budget. Cheap VoIP fax services, like the service offered by RingCentral, start around at $5/month. That usually covers a certain amount of faxes in advance, usually around 500 faxes. You can upgrade to better packages if 500 faxes are not enough.

Compare that to the cost of a standard fax machine. A new fax machine today would cost you between $60 and $400, and maybe even more.

After that, paper costs about $10 for 500 sheets. So, even if you already have a fax machine, it is still cheaper to send a fax electronically, rather than with paper.

One cartridge of ink costs about $30, and you usually need three to have three cartridges of ink in the fax machine in order for it to work.

After that, add in costs of fax machine repair. Depending on the damage, repairs can cost between $50 and $90. You might be better off buying a new fax machine.

As you can see, you stand to save a lot by switching to a cheap VoIP fax provider. Update your office technology today with a VoIP fax system.

VoIP Fax: $5 for 500 faxes

Analog Fax: $140+ for 500 faxes

  • $40 to $50 a month for a phone line
  • $60 to $400 for a fax machine
  • $10 for paper
  • $30 for ink
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