Cheap Calls to Egypt with uVOIPit

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Cheap Calls to Egypt

If you are looking to call Egypt than uVOIPit provides the cheapest prices. Egypt is a tourist country located in Africa. Many Egyptians live around the world and want to call back home without emptying their wallets. uVOIPit is doing their best to help a huge array of individuals and not just a few countries. Cheap calls to Egypt are possible and uVOIPit gives the best rates.

Comparing rates with big name providers such as Rebtel, uVOIPit beats there prices to Egypt. What big companies tend to do once they get a huger user base are increase prices dramatically. Because they know that they have marketed there service well, they will always get customers which results in revenue. uVOIPit is a trustworthy and new provider who promises from the beginning to not raise prices dramatically.

Egypt Price – uVOIPit vs. Rebtel

AS said above, we know that uVOIPit has cheaper prices to Egypt but by how much? Well let us take a deeper look:

Rebtel Egypt: $0.112 per minute
uVOIPit Egypt: $0.077 per minute

AS you can see the clear winner is uVOIPit with about 4 cent margins. This is significant because you can speak almost twice as much with uVOIPit as you can with Rebtel. This is not fair towards customers to have to pay twice as much just to speak to loved ones. uVOIPit Egypt connection quality is truly excellent. We have tried and tested it for you so we can vogue for it.

Apart from the pricing, uVOIPit allows one to make PC to Phone calls. Rebtel does not give this option. These rules out many many countries around the world which cannot use Rebtel on a daily basis. PC calls are a critical part of a VoIP provider, it is easy to use and can be setup on any PC in the world. That’s the beauty of uVOIPit calling card. Rebtel has one feature which is that it does provide access numbers in many countries in the world. This for some people is easier.

Final Verdict on Cheap Calls

uVOIPit takes the win on cheap calls to Egypt because of their extremely cheap price and extra features. Rebtel is still a competitor for other countries but not for Egypt. The rates are very high and even though the quality is almost equal, why pay 4 cents more? Choose uVOIPit for cheap calls to Egypt.

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