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You can find many VoIP services on internet sounding that they are offering free voip calls but the matter of fact that those services are not free for life time. They are mostly trial calls that either limited for defined period of days or minutes. So, if you really looking for a solution which reduces your calling cost it’s better idea to find a cheap service, local calls are usually affordable and you can find many cheap local services. But if it is about International calls than you suppose to find a true cheap International calling services. is a cheap International calling service which provides not free calls accept trial minutes which is enough to test the quality of service. We tested this service and so far we found it satisfying. It’s quite rare to find so low costing service which offers you such calls quality. In addition, this is browser based service so you don’t need to take headache for downloading and installing application. Just visit to official website, get registered and start making calls.

For your more information all you need to do it just type your telephone number in defined International format and click to make call. This service is offering free testing calls with full freedom, no matter you are calling on Landlines or Mobile phones it’s absolutely free. If used up your free minutes then you can purchase 5 euros loan which provides you cheap international calls right from it’s website to all over the world.

As I mentioned above that this service is quite cheap but it can be cheaper if your destination will exist in the list of those destination which lies in special offer of 0.005 euros per minute, if not then still it hardly charge 0.01 Euro for a minute.

Conclusion: In spit of running for free calls which are not free for life time why not try a cheap and qualitative service. If your calls are business related or a kind of that really matters to you then it’s advisable to choose such qualitative service.

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