CallArc – Free Call Promises Not Kept

0 Comments 14 January 2015

Previously, we have talked about a beta service called CallArc. This was a ad-based website where you got free calls if you listed to ads. They initially stated that it would be free to call any country in the world, and now they only support the same few countries that most others did. The main European countries and some Asian are supported.

A majority of VoIP users want to call India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, Japan, China, etc, etc. These countries are not supported by CallArc. Our friends, at TruVoIPBuzz, said this about CallArc on April 5th 2010:

Without belaboring the point, CallArc’s basic offering is unlimited FREE calls ANYWHERE across the world. To make the call, you need to send a text message (SMS) to CallArc with the number that you need to call. CallArc will then call you back and then connect the two parties for no charge. The flash animation clearly explains the basic idea.

We really wished this would be true. Most of us have no issues to listen to Ad and call for free. That would be a major breakthrough in the VoIP market. Promises are always broken in VoIP services.

We hope that CallArc has a good explanation for this. We hope they will provide free calling for users, like you and I. Let us stay tuned.

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