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Get Cheap GoogleVoice Invites on Ebay

Everyone wants to use GoogleVoice because of its great VOIP and SMS services. with GoogleVoice users can make the cheapest VOIP calls to almost all countries worldwide. Many countries are also free to call such as USA, UK, and many more. This service is a must have for all users who want to use VOIP. GoogleVoice also gives free SMS to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and hundreds of other countries right from the comfort of your mobile phone.

This service is the best out there for free VOIP phone calls. But it is not open to everybody. GoogleVoice is in beta right now and is open to select few users. Fortunately, there are people who are selling legit GoogleVoice invites online for dirt cheap. users are selling invites to use this service. The invites are max of $4 and they can be purchased for way cheaper. This is a price to pay because GoogleVoice is amazing at everything.

To purchase this service invites, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Ebay’s Google Voice page
  2. Look through them and find one you would like to purchase, then buy by bidding or Buy It Now options.
  3. After purchase, the seller will send you the Google voice invite to a GMAIL email. So make a GMAIL email of your choice where you want the invite to go to.
  4. Keep in mind, one invite = one email so make sure it is the email you want to use to log in with.
  5. Afterward, click the link in the email and sign up!

It is that easy to sign up to GoogleVoice service.$4 to use this service is very good deal. You can make free phone calls plus free sms to your loved ones world wide. So go and buy the cheapest GoogleVoice invites online on Ebay.

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