Business Software Company Ratings for 2011

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Here we offer main software companies ratings for the current 2011 year. This thread has no limits of culture or geographic, all the represented companies are ranked on the common basis according to the quality of the service offered as well as the level of trust gained among the buyers, both individuals and enterprises.

Microsoft takes the first place. The most admirable is work of the Research and Development department; this is the place where the totally new look at the well known Windows OS was given.

Second place is proudly given to IBM with its perfect level or hardware and software being sold all over the world.

Google is the beholder of the third place in software companies ratings with its popular internet search, special system of clouds and finally the wide platform of advertisement.

Pay attention to the HP Hewlett Packard as it took the forth place. Here the new hardware is designed along with multiple data storage.

Fifth place was given to the Accenture, which performs the consulting services on general level.

Oracle is the winner of the sixth place with its tremendous technology outsourcing and consulting in the management field.

Famous creator of graphics known as Adobe took seventh place. The new step here appeared to be the lie of the new applications suitable for the Internet.

Do not forget SAP, as it appeared to be on the popular eighth place among the software companies’ ratings. This company offers the general software solutions for enterprises.

Ninth place is taken by Yahoo as well known the source of multiple services offered through Internet.

Finally we came to the last but not the least tenth place with CA Technologies as its beholder. This company is completely independent and offers a lot of new software and hardware on the market.

Note that all the ranks are provided from the consumer point of view. This meant not al the featured were properly considered, and the final places may vary.


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