Boss Revolution Free Minutes During Holidays

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Boss Revolution 30% Extra Minutes

Boss Revolution is one of USA’s best VOIP service providers. They are powered by IDT, a nationwide powerhouse VOIP service. Boss Revolution is giving a good offer during these holiday times. They have always provided good quality calls and great features. They are not as famous as Localphone or Rebtel because they are brand new to the VOIP business. But they do offer some of the cheapest voip calls.

Some features they offer are a calling card service when traveling, speed dial, pinless dialing, and more. The calling card service is wonderful if you are traveling somewhere else and your phone will not work, this way you can use any phone to make your phone calls easier. Boss Revolution is a top service with the cheapest voip calls out there. There rates to Bangladesh are 4 cents/minute and India are 2 cents/minute. Not bad for a new VOIP service. When signing up they give a $1 free trial credit. Use this to make free calls!

Now for there holiday offer. Boss Revolution is offering its users 30% more minutes when purchasing $10 or more. So if you purchase $10 of calling credit then you will get another 30% extra, which is $3.33 of credit. This is a wonderful offer because there rates are cheap and you will get more credit. The only issue with Boss Revolution is that it is only available to US people. They have not extended there service outside of the US yet and do not offer a SIP service. So if you live in the US and want some free voip phone calls then this is the best service for you.

Boss Revolution is a great service with the cheapest voip calls. Try them today and let us know how it is.

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