Betamax New iPhone VoIP Application

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iPhone VoIP

Betamax, most hated but most used VoIP service in the world recently launched there new iPhone application. This is a new step for Betamax and this will attract many new customers to start using there service more. Betamax is as we all know, one of the most unreliable services in the world.

They raise prices randomly and they always work on volume of calls to a country. This is not a good business stand. This new iPhone application will lure in thousands of customers who use the iPhone. It is a great way to get customers.

The new trend is Mobile VoIP. Mobile VOIP has been growing crazily for the past many years now. It will keep growing the way it is so as fast as VOIP companies can integrate VoIP applications the better.

Betamax has taken a stand and provides alot of good features but if you want reliability this is not the service to use. You can check out there Mobile iPhone application at:

Try it out but dont get too into Betamax. There are plenty of better services around this site, pick on of those.

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