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Windows Mobile SIP

Windows Mobile is a widely used phone by many people. Windows Mobile SIP is new to this type of phone. Previously, VOIP SIP was disable on many of the WM phones. Now as newer phones are coming out Windows Mobile SIP is a must. An SIP client will allow users to make free phone calls using a cheap SIP service. All the calls will be routed through WIFI so you must have a wifi connection to use the services.

The most important part of this is to find the right client application that can provide the free voip phone calls. Many of the Windows Mobile phones do not originally come with VOIP Settings. You will need to download this package provided by XDA Developers Forums. The instructions are provided on that site. After that you will need a Windows Mobile SIP application. This will provide the best ones for you to use.

Windows Mobile SIP – AgePhoneMobile 2

This is by far the best application for Windows mobile. It works with all WM6.0 and above phones and is extremely simple to use. All that is required is to sign up for a SIP service such as all the Betamax VOIP services or Lingo. That is how easy it is. After that enter your SIP information into the settings. Connect to the wifi service and make your phone call. AgePhoneMobile 2 is always running in the background of your phone so whenever WIFI is available you can use it to call. This will allow you to save alot of minutes on your cellular plan.


  • Preset SIP services to enter your info.
  • Add new SIP service
  • Control Sound settings
  • Big button dialer for easy use

Fring Windows Mobile Softphone

Fring is the all in one application for phones. It gives a great SIP softphone plus other services like IM, Skype, etc. Fring is free to use and will always be. The only problem with Fring is that sound from many phones come out the speakers and no the ear piece. So try this application out so you can see if it works or not.


  • Works well with all Windows Mobile SIP
  • Integrate with all SIP settings
  • All applications in one


The last but not the least best Windows Mobile SIP application is by PortSIP. This one might work on many phones but majority of them it doesn’t. But this one is the best if it works for your phone. It integrates perfectly with the phone and sound quality is excellent. It can be used with any SIP Settings as well.


  • Beautiful Dialer and Application
  • Very smooth

Overall there were three top Windows Mobile SIP applications here. Find yourself a good cheap SIP service like Lingo, Localphone or Yupeephone and then set it up. You will be able to use Wifi to save many minutes off your phone and in turn saving you money. These were the best windows mobile SIP voip clients.

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