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Rebtel Review

REBTEL is indeed the way you would want to call. Who isn’t looking for cheap calls today? So, if you to want to call international numbers using VoIP technology, dialing directly from your mobile or landline phone, then REBTEL is in fact the best VOIP service that would totally enhance your calling experience.

Learn How to Use REBTEL

Making cheap VoIP calls through REBTEL is not such a difficult task, in fact it is all broken down into steps and you would learn about them right on the website.

All you need to do is sign up on the website where the first call you make would be free. Right there on the signup page, you would fill out the form with details such as the location you would be calling from, the phone you would be utilizing, etc. and you would be a click away from benefiting from really cheap VoIP calls. Each time you would be calling, you would simply provide the international number while you would be provided a distinct REBTEL local number to dial internationally and best of all, you would be using your own phone.

Once you begin using the best VOIP service offered by REBTEL you would never want to touch a calling card again. Since its all hassle free, without the requirement of pin codes and what not, calling through REBTEL would always found to be convenient.

Cheap VoIP calls

That is indeed right; it is in fact the most basic trait about the website. The rates that you would discover at REBTEL would be found to be quite competitive as compared to other VoIP services and really reasonable for you. A list of 200 countries would be available to you, so you could place a call almost anywhere in the world.

How many times has it happened that such services make bold claims, yet fail out in the end or even seem to be cheating you? You would notice that REBTEL is free from all such scams, so all that you would pay for is the calls that you make. No hidden charges would ever be asked nor do you even pay for signing up to the website.

Customers have found REBTEL to be absolutely perfect. If that’s too much to believe you can still go ahead and try out the cheap VoIP calls through REBTEL, in fact, since the first call is entirely free, it is a good way for you test out the company and its services.

“Mushfiqur Nahiz from Sydney, Australia”

I am able to use Rebtel to dial calls to my friends in many parts of the world. Rebtel gives me a personal number and I can connect automatically. Thanks to them my bill is much less.

Make Rebtel your VoIP service.
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