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Phone.com Review

Phone.com gives VoIP for small business and residential use. There service is a award winning service acclaimed by many top magazines and sites. They provide all day all week customer service, so whenever you have questions you can get a hold of them.

Business VoIP

If you’re interested in VoIP for small business, then they have a Virtual office solution that gives you a local number in the area to use. You will also get special greetings, voicemail, fax and much more features. Even though the features mentioned can cost you a lot of money with traditional Business VoIP providers, Phone.com gives these features at a very reasonable price.

Residential VoIP

If you’re wanting to use the service for residential use, then you can get a virtual number for your self. This number can replace all your numbers, so you can always be reached at the phone your close to. You will also get Voicemail and can get text based voicemail as well, this is a great feature. Even better the price is only $4.88!

If you compare this service with Vonage, you will see that you will save more money with Phone.com. Vonage is upwards of $24.99 per month whereas Phone.com is $4.88 per month. You will also get all the equipment and setup for free. It is easy to setup and anyone can do it as well.

This VoIP service is just like any other traditional phone service but you save a lot of money! You also get unlimited calls to US and Canada in your package. Your package will include caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, and much more of the general features. You also get a free special feature called ChatCalls. This is a free application that lets you send text messages to any phone. This is a great application which can save you money on your Text message bundle with your cell phone provider.

Jeremy Gihj from USA”

My business has been with Phone.com for over 2 years now. We get a great toll free number that we can use with our service. Phone.com keeps us organized, love it alot.

Make Phone.com your VoIP service.
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