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Localphone Review

Cheap international calls, and SMS capability from a single VoIP service provider, while using your own landline or mobile phone, or even your computer, all this certainly makes Localphone, quite an innovative VoIP service provider. What makes Localphone best VoIP service around and quite a distinct one, is the fact that while paying at local rates you would be both, receiving and making international calls.

Since Localphone is a cheap VoIP service, even the cheapest you could find, therefore they do not charge you for registering on the site. Once registered the calling procedure would involve dialing a unique local number that would be provided to you by Localphone and calling right from your landline or cell phone you would get connected to anyone internationally. What are the hurdles? Well there are none, you would never be asked to enter a pin code or go through such frustrating procedures and so you would completely disregard using calling cards once you use Localphone to make cheap international calls.

What Localphone provides you?

No matter where in the world you are, you get to use Localphone’s cheap VoIP service and no matter what you would like to place a call; Localphone has quite a long list of countries. Using the services of Localphone would mean that you would additionally need nothing but a broadband internet connection and through it you could begin making your cheap international calls.

It is certainly fair enough that you should merely pay for the calls that you make. This is what Localphone also believes in. Being a truly best VoIP service, Localphone would not be charging you monthly or with hidden fees for as long as you continue utilizing their services.

Once you actually begin going through the rates at which Localphone allows it customers to call and SMS internationally, you would be quite surprised with the cheap costs and also with the regions where calling is possible using Localphone. Want more features from this best VoIP service? Well if you were making a call to local VoIP accounts, you would not be charged a single penny. Voicemail capability is also offered by the company as well.


On site testimonials about this best VoIP company report verify that the services they provide are quite impressive. The customers support provided by Localphone has also been noted to be quite efficient and above all you would indeed be making cheap international calls.

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