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Lingo Review

Lingo is one of the top unlimited VoIP services. There offers are excellent and there customer service is spectacular. They are a US based company located in Virginia and operated by Plimus Telecommunications. They started in 1999 where VoIP was just beginning. Lingo is Primus Telecoms international and residential VoIP service.

How to use

All that is required with Lingo is the Analog Adapter sent when you subscribe to their service. Apart from that the normal things apply such as owning a phone and a broadband internet connection. You get this adapter mailed to your home as well. You can use Lingo via PC to Phone calls as well by using there softphone service. The softphone is lightweight and will run on any computer except a Mac.

What you get

If you want a service with features out of the box, then Lingo is for you. You will get so many features that most will not be used at all. Services such as call waiting, 3 way calling, speed dial, simultaneous ring and much more. Also there service is E911 capable so you can use it to call for emergencies, this is good news. Your adapter will send your destination to the 911 location so the police can track you down to help. This service is special and is not available in all parts of the US. So make sure when registering that you check if it available in your area or not. Most urban cities will have this feature available.
Lingo rates
Apart from that, they offer great packages to call international countries as well. They offer a cheap monthly fee of only $9.95 to call over 100 countries for as long as you can and India is included! This is the best package on the market as of today. It is perfect for those who need a US calling service plus international.


They also provide a great customer service. Your questions will be answered within a 24 hour period and most of the time in a few hours (from our experiments). If you are looking to call India or the hundred other countries and have a traditional landline setup for your home, then Lingo is the best choice.

“Mariam Khan from San Hose, California”

I have used Lingo for over a year now and i can say only that I love it. I can call my home country, India, by just dialing the phone number directly. Doesn’t get easier than that!

Make Lingo your VoIP service.
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