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JoiPhone Review

JoiPhone is becoming a top VoIP provider very quickly. They offer outstanding VoIP services that mos others done. JoiInternet was the founder of JoiPhone. They initially started with internet services and then ventured into the VoIP realm. They offer services for residential and business alike.

If you are looking for options, JoiPhone has many options. They have calling plans for business and home customers. You can use there network to call other JoiPhone members for free, or make a cheap VoIP call internationally. If you own a small business then VoIP for small business with JoiPhone will help you save alot of money. Installation and Interface

Afte registering for a service, you will need to wait a few days to receive your JoiPhone adapter in the mail. You will connect this adapter to a high speed internet connection to allow the use of the Internet to route your calls. It is very simple to plug in the adapter, it will only take a few minutes and you can make calls. There customer service is wonderful so if you need help they are just one call away.


If you want a vast array of features then your reading about the right provider. They offer a 911 services, call waiting, caller ID and much more. You can login to your customer area to check your calls and listen to voicemail,.

You can also add on a extra phone line or virtual number so you can use it for call forwarding. Virtual Phone numbers are great because you can get a number in a different state or country so your family and friends can reach you for cheap. Performance

JoiPhone promise to give quality at a cheap low cost VoIP rate. They offer a variety so it is affordable for everyone. There low rates allow them to be a top VoIP leader, and there huge list of features make them the best.

There customer service is rate as the best as well. You can get 24/7 online service and free telephone support as well. You can send questions via email and have it answered. Customers will be happy with JoiPhone service.

“Nahid Khan from London”

I live in London and I am able to use this service without any issues. I love how good there customer service is and they help with every question. Recommended!

Make JoiPhone your VoIP service.
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Joi phone they bring pain in u r life

Dec 29, 2011 by syed ahmed

please think carefully this company is sucks when u want cancel u r number they r not going to stop charging u r card .and customer service is very bad.think they r a scam .

Joiphone Screwed me

Aug 01, 2011 by theo

I prepaid for their service for one full year. More than a month ago I stopped receiving incoming phone calls because of their service interruption. I raised the issue with them couple of times and all they told me was that they don't know when the issue will be fixed. I told them to refund me and I was told that according to the contract I won't get back the money. So I finally cancelled their service and forfeited my money. Don't get their service. Their engineers are dumb, the customer service rep is dumb and the whole company is made with bunch of thieves.

Cheapest VOIP Calls - Learn to Make Cheap VoIP Calls , USA 1.0 1.0 2 2 please think carefully this company is sucks when u want cancel u r number they r not going to stop charging u r card .and customer service is very bad.think they r a scam .
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