Alliance Phones Review

Alliance Phones is a trusted provider of VoIP phone solutions. Their main focus is delivering VoIP phone services that address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. They are based in South Francisco, California.

Alliance Phones offers three feature-rich and competitively-priced business phone plans: Easy Plus, Simplicity Plus, and Effortless Plus. All three plans come with rich PBX features, no initial setup fees, and unlimited minutes. The only difference between the plans relies on the number of users you need for your business.

Easy Plus is intended for 1-3 users and starts at $29.97 per user per month. Simplicity Plus is ideal for 4-20 users and starts at $24.97 per user per month, while Effortless Plus is great for 21-100+ users and starts at $19.97 per user per month. The more users, the cheaper the monthly rates get.

What’s great about Alliance Phones is that businesses can test any of their plans through a free 30-day demo. Customers can also reach out to Alliance Phones’ 24/7 customer support team through email, chat, or phone.

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