Best VoIP Provider

When choosing the best VoIP provider, you should consider a few criteria:

  • Price
  • User Ratings (best source of reliability information)
  • Features

Each of these criteria contributes to which VoIP system will be the best for you. In the charts below, you will find information on some of the cheapest and best VoIP providers in the business, conveniently organized for easy comparison by

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Best VoIP for Businesses

After getting a cheap VoIP system, your office will enjoy many benefits and improvements. For the most part, VoIP is the best choice for most business’s phone systems.

The best business VoIP providers will:

  • Save you money on your phone bill compared to a traditional business phone system
  • Make adding new extensions very easy
  • Have useful productivity-enhancing features included
  • Offer unlimited calling in the US

Business VoIP is better because it is cheaper

There is no question that you will save money by choosing a VoIP system over a standard telephone system. Depending on the needs of your office and how much you were paying before, you could see your telephone costs drop by as much as 90% after switching to VoIP.

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Traditional Phone Service vs. VoIP phone service

Consider the following: with Verizon, nationwide calls will cost you $0.06/min. With Aptela, a VoIP provider, nationwide calling is free and unlimited.

The cost difference is really apparent when you compare the plans side-by-side.

  • Aptela: $24.99 subscription fee, $0.00/minute
  • Verizon: $26.50 subscription fee, $0.06/minute

While the initial difference in subscriptions is just $1.51 (Aptela is around 5% cheaper), Aptela’s unlimited calling plan makes it much cheaper. If you make just 100 minutes of long distance calls on Verizon’s plan, you’re paying $7.51 more with Verizon (around 25% more).

And this is just for phone calls. There are other costs for a business phone system as well (we’ll talk about those later).

Business VoIP offers unlimited calling

In fact, most business VoIP service offers unlimited calling in the United States and Canada (all the VoIP providers listed above do). And for international calling, most of the best VoIP services charge little or nothing for international rates.
Business VoIP offers lower international rates

RingCentral, for example, has rates of about $0.03/min on calls to India. Compare that with Verizon’s in-state rates ($0.06/min). Or how about Verizon’s rate to India ($6.76/minute!!!)?

Business VoIP is easy to manage

The best VoIP system makes it easy to organize your office phone system. You will have much better control over the way phone lines are arranged and accessed with standard call routing features (like call forwarding, call waiting, and line hunting) and a hosted PBX system.

A VoIP PBX makes adding new extensions with a VoIP phone system is very easy. Here are the typical steps:

  1. Order a new phone
  2. Plug it in.

Okay, you may have to click a few buttons on your VoIP providers website to make sure that the new extension has a number that it can be reached at. But that’s it.

Compare that with the hours-long, expensive process of upgrading your traditional business phone system to contain 1 more line. You’d need an appointment with a $100-an-hour technician, who will probably take more than an hour. You also will probably have to pay your traditional phone service provider to provision the new extension, too.

With a traditional telephone service provider, installation of a PBX service could cost your company upwards of $5000 for equipment and installation. And that fee doesn’t even include cost of a service technician.

The best VoIP providers for businesses include hosted PBX. This means that the call routing services of your PBX actually happen through your VoIP provider, which means that you don’t need to spend any extra money on equipment or installation. And this translates into a lot of money saved: $0 purchase and maintenance price with Hosted PBX compared to $5000+ for a non-hosted PBX. Now do you see how VoIP can really save you money?

Many providers also have services to help you stay better connected. Voicemail to email notifies you of your voicemails and allows you to access them through your email. Some services also offer a Find Me/Follow Me feature by which you can set up your VoIP to ring several numbers sequentially to reach you.

Features like these have many practical applications to your office. If you often need to be out of the office for business, with Find Me/Follow Me, you won’t have to worry about missing a call. If you can’t answer your office phone, you can program your VoIP system to also call your mobile phone at the same time (this is a feature called multi-ring).

Best VoIP for Home Use

Cheaper than traditional phone systems

Many residential VoIP service providers offer unlimited calling plans within the United States and Canada, with either modest or no fees on international calling.

VoIPo, for example, gives you an hour of free international calling time and unlimited nationwide calls for as little as $5.38 a month (and low international rates after that — calls to the UK are only $0.02/minute).

Verizon charges around $45 a month for unlimited local and nationwide calling. Rates to the UK are $2.89 a minute.

Yeah, VoIPo is 11 times cheaper than Verizon. Other VoIP providers match up similarly.

Residential VoIP Discounted Rates

Most residential VoIP service providers offer a variety of payment options designed to suit your needs and payment abilities. Usually, you can pay all at once (for a year in advance), or you can pay a low monthly fee. For example, Phone Power charges $19.95 for a month-to-month contract or $199.95 for a 2-year, prepaid deal ($8.33 a month on average).

Installation of a new residential VoIP system is easy, and usually comes at no extra cost. Often, you just have to plug your phones into the adapter the VoIP provider sends you for free.

A cheap VoIP system is a great choice. Finding the best VoIP provider will save money, time, and stress.

VoIP for Mobile Phones

VoIP for mobile phones is available from both business and residential VoIP providers. Many providers allow users to download an app that will allow you to access your office or home phone line, check your voicemail, and send or receive calls on your home phone.

Note: in order to use mobile VoIP, you must receive some kind of Internet connection on your mobile device.

Each of the VoIP providers above is competitive in cost and performance. Determining which is the best VoIP provider is up to you and your needs. Use our website to do your research and find the best VoIP provider for you.

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