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Free SIP Service by IPkall

IPkall provides people with a free phone number in the USA that can be forwarded to any SIP softphone in the world. This is truly a very good service. You can receive free VOIP phone calls from the US. If you don’t live in the US then this is a great opportunity to get free calls directed right to your computer.

This can save you a lot of money of your monthly phone bill. The phone number you get is completely free as well! Getting the IPKall number and configuring it to any SIP Provider of your choice takes less than a few minutes. Then anyone who dials the US number will reach you at you SIP client such as Xlite.

How to configure IPkall SIP

To save money, you can buy a VOIP adapter and set up the SIP settings of any provider to it. Then attach the adapter device to your home phone set. This way when people will call your IPKall number it will go directly to your home landline. Now you can discontinue your monthly service provider and receive free calls. Other alternatives include signing up for free SIP services such as Localphone which provides a SIP settings, and even Yupeephone. These are the best providers as of today.

Other ways to use it would be if you want to make free phone calls to any country. Tell your friend or family in the other country to set up a SIP client with a Provider of there choice. Then reroute the IPKall number to that client and now you can use you cell phone, landline, or anything to call that number and reach them for absolutely no money. SO this can benefit you if you live in the US because you can make free calls worldwide with it.

IPKall is a unique service. They have been in this business for many years now and have many phone numbers. But it is recommended to sign up and get a number quickly because once they run out they will not be able to provide more. So it is best to get this number and it will be yours for lifetime. IPkall is the best SIP service that will allow you to make and receive free voip phone calls.

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