The Best Free SIP Account Providers in 2011

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Free SIP accounts are needed for those who like to make SIP to SIP calls. For majority of people this is important as you can call someone via their web SIP address such as: It does not get any easier then just typing that out and either doing a voice or video chat. Video chat is dependent on the softphone client but any of the latest ones can handle it. You can read the article on what the top 3 free VOIP softphones are. This will help you narrow down a specific one that will work for you.

Apart from the softphone, one needs a SIP account provider. Now there various paid solutions available on the Internet but that is not what we are all about. We believe SIP accounts should be free. Since Jeff Pulver created years ago, it has opened up SIP to the general public. Nowadays, it is common to use SIP amongst VoIP services to allow PC to PC calls. SIP is the inspiration on which Skype has built its several billion dollar platform on. Therefore, we are going to cover who are the free SIP account providers in 2011.

Since the beginning of SIP, the people at have provided millions of SIP accounts free of charge. They are the gurus of cheap SIP trunking and the most reliable. The registration process is extremely simple with only a short form to complete. The SIP accounts work without any hesitation and with perfect quality. One can receive calls or dial out calls to any other SIP account on the Internet. All that is required is the address of the receiving party. You can get an account at Registration.

Username: SerWEB login
Password: SerWEB password
SIP proxy: empty or

Ekiga – SIP service

Ekiga is a new service that launched recently.  They provide their own softphone that has built in support for their SIP addresses but it is not necessary to use their software. They are fairly new but their SIP addresses are reliable. The address will be in the form of:

Anyone is free to register at their Ekiga Registration page.


A partner company to OnSIP, GetOnSIP is a much more powerful service as they have the backing of OnSIP, which is one of the leading services for VoIP. We recommend everyone to try GetOnSIP. You will automatically receive your SIP address after registration is complete. If you are looking for a larger company that has more reliable servers then GetOnSIP is the best choice.

Who is the best?

Their are no bests and worsts with free SIP account providers. The reason for that is because SIP is a basic principle where a server needs to be setup to provide the addresses. Open source software such as Asterisk can be used to set such services up. You can learn how by reading how to setup Asterisk. We can only give recommendation as to who we think is the best and in 2011 it is IPTel has been around for ages since SIP was first discovered. They are reliable and have a huge community surrounding it. Therefore, if you have any questions then the answer is most likely available on the Internet.

The best free SIP account providers of 2011 were reviewed here. Various other sites have compiled a list of such services but they are outdated back to 2007 and prior. Most of those services have stopped providing SIP account so it was important for us to recompile a list for everyone to reference. If you have any issue setting up the SIP accounts or have a better provider, please let us know below by commenting.

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