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Are you a professional, or enthusiast in the field of Voice Over Internet Protocol and telecommunications? Want to share your thoughts on new VoIP providers, technology and the future of VoIP? For a limited time, we are looking for writers who have a genuine interest in VoIP. Becoming a writer for will allow you to make a name for yourself in the field of VoIP.

If you are wanting to make a name for yourself, generate exposure, gain experience with one of the authority VoIP blogging sites on the web than that is exactly what you will get. Thousands of visitors everyday will read your interesting articles. It is a perfect opportunity.


  • Understand VoIP and how it works
  • Good communication and English writing skills

We will ask for a small article on your knowledge of VoIP so we can assess how well you know the topic. This can be anywhere from 300 words and more. You can understand this process to be an interview. Once you pass this stage, you are free to write about VoIP!

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