AllVOI Unlimited Calls to India Review

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Cheap Unlimited Call Provider, AllVOI Review

AllVOI is a cheapest voip calls provider to India. There new promotions include unlimited plans to India for very cheap monthly. AllVOI is a United States based service and it can only be used in the states. If you want a provider that will give you local and long distance calls in the US, plus cheap calls to India then AllVOI is for you. But they are not the best because there plans are not “unlimited”. If you want a try a true unlimited provider then Lingo is the best choice for calls to India and Bangladesh.

As for AllVOI, they have many plans to choose from for India. They have plans for about everyone from many minutes to low minutes. There service gives good voice quality and also have good customer service. There prices maybe a little bit high compared to Lingo but overall they are a provider that can be used. Lets see there unlimited India plans:

ALL India 750 – $14.99/month with 750 minutes to India
ALL India 1300 – $19.99/month with 1300 Minutes to India
ALL India 3000 – $29.99/moth with 3000 minutes to India

The last plan with 3000 minutes is a true 1 cent/minute to India. The rest are good deals but Lingo gives true UNLIMITED calls for only $23.95 and you can talk as much as you want! AllVOI also has a adapter fee. They charge you for there special adapter. This is another $20 deposit when signing up. It is a one time fee. But why pay this when Lingo gives this to you for free? AllVOI is a new provider that is till trying to get there roots while Lingo is competing for that #1 spot with Vonage.

Overall, AllVOI is a good provider but if you want a reliable service than most go with Lingo. Nonetheless, both services will give free VOIP phone calls to India. Test out the service for the cheapest VOIP Calls and sew how the AllVOI Unlimited India plans are.

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