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Mobile Callback

AirtelAsia is not the official launch of Airtel from India. These are a scam group taking on the name of the famous Airtel Call Home service. The seem to provide a good service, considering that it does work. It is always recommend to read around before choosing a service to use.

Lets see what Airtel Asia is. Lets first discuss the method to make calls using AirtelAsia.

1. Send an SMS to SMS number mentioned in the Card.
2. Send a miss call to the access number, and wait a few seconds.
3. Your phone rings, answer the call.
4. Now, dial the destination number along with a ‘#’ also don’t forget to add the code.

This is a new idea. We have never seen a VoIP service that has a caller send a miss call. We do not understand this and it does seem fake. We recommend you be careful and think twice before making these type of calls. The worst that could happen is they are trying to collect phone numbers which they will sell to telemarketers around the world.

In the USA, this is illegal but in other parts of the world they are able to do this without a issue. They also provide a SIP softphone option, which is recommended as it will not comprise your phone number. You can set this up with your computer and start making PC to phone calls. There rate to India is 1.3 USD cents/minute. This is not good because taking into consideration the fishiness about there service we will recommend you use uVOIPit for cheap calls to India.

Overall, a shady VoIP service that says they will give you cheap calls is most likely going to be scam. We recommend using services that have a good name and a professional website. Please try uVOIPit for all your cheap calling needs instead!

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