AirTel Pay Per Second to India Review

3 Comments 14 January 2015

New Pay Per Second VOIP Review

Airtel has announced a new addition to the VOIP market. Now users can use pay per second instead of minute. This means user can pay for every second they talk and this is perfect for those whose calls do not last for a long time. Using this service you can save even more money because all VOIP providers round up to the minute. so if you talk for 2 min 30 secs you will be charged for 3 minutes. But with Pay Per Second it will only charge you for the actually time you talk in seconds.

For many users this will be great and for others this will not be so good. The per second rate is cheap but if you calculator the per minute rate it comes out to 1.8 cents/minutes to India which is a bit high but still good. Therefore, it all depends on the type of caller you are. Overall this offer is a new one and everyone who calls India and wants the cheapest VOIP calls should give this one a chance.

Originally posted 2009-11-29 03:55:06.

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