Advantages of a Broadband DSL Internet Connection

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People who have switched from a dial up internet service to a DSL internet service would observe the huge difference between both connections. As soon as you use a DSL connection you would never want to go back to your old dial up service.

A DSL connection is a type of broadband internet that offers a faster speed than dial up. The typical speed for a DSL connection is 128 kbps and can reach to up to 1.5 mbps. Even at 128 kbps DSL still outperforms dial up connection at up to twice the fastest dial up speeds.
Due to the fast internet connection provided by DSL people can now enjoy various web applications that require a faster broadband connection. Downloading audio and video files can now be done at a short time. Bandwidth intensive online activities such as video streaming, online games, video messaging can now be easily achieved if you have a DSL connection.

One great advantage of DSL is that you can use your existing phone line. Unlike dial up connection where your phone can not be used if you go online, DSL allows you to use your phone even if you are online. With the addition of a router you can even connect more than one computer to the internet so that other members iin your family can also go online.
Unlike cable internet wherein the connection is shared within your neighborhood, a DSL connection uses your own private and dedicated phone line. This means that your connection is more secure since no other person can potentially access it.

As DSL technology improves, more and more people are using the service rather than dial up, If we compare the cost of DSL and dial up we would see that it is much better to get DSL.

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