A Revolution for Cheap VoIP

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Today the world has become a smaller place by connecting people effectively with the help of technology. The usage of telephone and internet has changed the face of communication over the years. Gone are the times when people would queue up at the post office to post letters or send telegrams to near and dear ones living across the globe and long distance calls were not affordable by all. Carrying out businesses across continents has never been the same since the advent of these new technologies. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP as it is commonly known has taken today’s world by storm. To put it in a nutshell, VoIP is a technology that enables verbal communication through computer networks like the internet. Cheap VoIP implies using the internet to make free or affordable long distance phone calls.

Although there are various types of cheap VoIP services available, the most commonly and effectively used is the computer-to-computer service. A good internet connection and simple downloadable software is all that is required to use this service. Most of these software are available free of cost on the internet and are easy to install. ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) and IP phones with Ethernet connectors are some of the other services available in VoIP for long distance calling.

The biggest advantage of cheap VoIP is obviously the cost and what supplements it very well is its possible integration with email, phone, fax devices, and its ability to communicate across several networks. The latest developments enable VoIP to integrate even with security systems used in homes and business establishments. Its other attractive features include voicemail, speed dialing, and capability to make conference calls making it now the most widely used tool for communication on a daily basis.

Like every other invention, cheap VoIP has its fair share of setbacks.  Power failures and lack of effective power back up hampers the functioning of VoIP, unlike communication through landline telephones which don’t need a power source. Another big menace that VoIP faces is the threat of internet viruses and hackers looming at large. Software are being newly developed and upgraded regularly to mitigate the same. In the United States it was at some point observed that emergency calls through VoIP to 911 were not working as desired. This concern has however been dealt with.

Although the public at large has greatly benefited by VoIP, many are hoping that the government does not modify laws and guidelines to bring in taxes which would make cheap VoIP as expensive as conventional telephone communication. In addition, mobile phone service providers are intimidated by the intense usage of VoIP as it directly affects their income. Nevertheless, VoIP is a force to reckon with.




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