A Residential VoIP Provider is Essential to Help Residences Save Monthly Cash

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Making the Switch To VoIP

VoIP is a great alternative to traditional phone lines. They offer a wide range of flexibility in terms of use and price. Not only that, but Residential VoIP services offer a number of great features. Business and homeowners alike can benefit greatly from making the switch to VoIP.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is a great way to manage telecommunication tasks. Instead of traveling through a phone line, phone calls travel through the internet as data. It utilizes an existing internet connection to make calls throughout the world. Because the service isn’t limited to a telephone line, users can take the service wherever they go. Residential users can make calls to anyone in the world, not just those with a similar VoIP service.

Why Make The Switch?

VoIP services offer a plethora of different features. Since the technology’s advent, it has improved continually. Not only do Residential VoIP services give homeowners a handful of great features, but it’s also much more affordable.

Low Rates

Residential land line services can be quite pricey. Not only that, but service providers often include surprise fees, making the cost of using the service substantial. In most cases, residential telephone service providers charge for long distance calling and international calls. VoIP providers often give users unlimited nationwide calling for a low monthly cost. Compared to residential land lines, users can save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. While VoIP services do charge for international calls, they are a fraction of the price that residential land line service providers charge. In most cases, the cost per minute is only a fraction of a cent.

No Installation Fee

Setting up a Residential VoIP service has never been easier. All it takes is an internet connection. There’s no difficult wiring or installation of phone lines in a home. Everything that is needed is already there. Homeowners can even keep their old phone. VoIP providers often supply an analog adapter, for free, to be used with any phone. There’s no need for a new and expensive phone.


A Residential VoIP provider gives homeowners flexibility that traditional phone lines can’t. Many providers offer mobile and computer applications to take the service on the go. The service can be pushed to multiple devices, allowing people to seamlessly transition the call from a traditional telephone to their cell phone or laptop. Furthermore, many providers send voicemails to an email account. Users can send, forward, or save these voicemails as a traditional audio file. They’ll have a visual representation of their voicemail and piece of mind knowing that they’ll never lose another voicemail again.

Transferring an Old Number

Making the switch to Residential VoIP has never been easier. Homeowners can easily use their old phone number to make the switch a hassle free experience. For a small fee, VoIP providers will transfer the phone number from the traditional residential phone company to the new VoIP. Instead of informing multiple contacts of the new number, callers will never know the difference.

A Number of Great Features

Traditional land lines often charge outrageous monthly fees to use extra features. VoIP providers, on the other hand, include a number of great features at no additional cost. Users can take advantage of a number of different free features. While features vary from company to company, they all generally provide the following:

• Call Waiting
• Call Forwarding
• Voicemail
• Caller ID
• Virtual Numbers
• Call Blocking
• 911 Services

These are just some of the great calling features that VoIP providers include. Some may include even more features. In many cases, VoIP will have different levels of service so that Residential users and Businesses can have the features they need most.

Which Residential VoIP Is Best?

There are a number of different VoIP providers out there, all of which provide users with a comprehensive list of features for a low price. While the number of choices available may seem overwhelming at first, those looking to make the switch can easily find a provider that gives them the features they need.

Basic Talk

Basic talk provides unlimited nationwide calling for only $9.99 per month. Additionally, there’s no cost to keep the same number. They waive the transfer fee, bringing the initial cost down significantly. Unlike some providers, Basic Talk doesn’t include annual contracts. Users simply pay for the service monthly with no hidden fees. They include voicemail, caller ID, 911 services, 411 assistance, and call waiting into their basic service.


ITP, or Internet Telephone Provider, gives users the basic services they need for only $8.32. They have varying levels of service to make finding the perfect plan easy. They offer flexible unlimited calling plans and a number of great deals to get started. In fact, they offer the first 2 months of service for free.

Phone Power

This VoIP provider has a low price of only $5.99 per month for their basic plan. This includes free calling to anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Not only that, but they provide 60 minutes of international calling with their plan. Phone Power has over 45 features included in their service, providing callers with everything they needed. Users also get a free adapter and second line. They offer a number of different deals, including a full free year of service if the first year is prepaid.


VOIPo provides unlimited calls to the United States and Canada for only $6.21 per month. Users also get 60 minutes of international calling per month. They have crystal clear audio quality and over 40 calling features. They include access to computer software to send and receive text messages and view voicemail.


This service offers US and Canada calls for only $75 per year. This amounts to about $6.25 per month. In addition to free adapters and activation, AX Voice offers over 30 calling features. They also waive the transfer fee, allowing users to keep their existing number.

Despite which Residential VoIP provider a homeowner goes with, they’ll continually save money. VoIP is a great way to reduce monthly telecommunication costs while getting a number of great features. Businesses can see an increase in productivity by making the switch due to VoIP’s flexibility. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars a year for lackluster phone service, homeowners and businesses can make the switch to VoIP.

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