8×8 New Facebook App with Free US Calls

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8×8 VOIP Service gives Free USA Calls

Do you have a Facebook account? Most likely you do. Well take advantage of your account and make free USA phone calls. 8×8, a VOIP service in the United States, has launched a service to allow to make calls for as long as you want for free. The calls get routed through the Facebook application and therefore your phone number will never show up in anyone’s caller ID. This keeps your phone number private from others.

You are also able to add a phone number that you would like to receive calls on from the 8×8 application. Its a great opportunity to make some free calls. Installing the application is very simple, follow the steps below:

  • Login to Facebook
  • Find the 8×8 Connect Application via Search
  • Install it to Facebook and follow the setup instructions
  • Now a “CALL ME” button will appear next to your friends names

All you have to do to make a call is click the ‘call me’ button and the call will be made and you may talk for free. That is just the easiest it will get! Also if you want to call any other USA number that is not on your friends list then you can do that as well by going to the application and entering the number in. 8×8 has started a revolutionary service and this will be a great tool to add to your VOIP services. Try and make free USA calls from Facebook.

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