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Localphone is by far the top ranked VoIP service on the internet today. They have excellent deals that everyone should take part in. If you are looking for a new VoIP service, then Localphone is a good choice for reliable international calling. They have a great deal until January 31, 2012 that is available to new customers only.

The deal states that allĀ  credit you purchase will be doubled! So if you add $10.00 then you will receive $20.00 of calling credit. With Localphone, you can add as low as $2.00 to your account for testing purposes.

Localphone has great features such as direct dialing, computer calling, SMS, web calling, and more. We recommend you to try out Localphone with a 5 minute free test call and see how great the service is. United States customers will get the best features but it can be used by anyone worldwide. Read our other Localphone posts to get a full understanding. You can read about them here.

Localphone New Year Double Credit Deal

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